A Menu, A Mantle, and Me Time

A Menu

We are slowly making progress on our kitchen.  This week we met with the salesman from our food distributor.  He was super nice and really helpful given the fact that this is a whole new ball game for us.  We went through the menu and he offered suggestions and agreed to bring us samples to try next week.  At this point we REALLY liked him!  There was one point however that things got a little worrisome.  When we got to red beans and rice on the menu he suggested a prepared item that they have.  I thought ken would PASS OUT.  You see, in our house you cook red beans and rice from scratch.  I scraped Ken off the floor, got him some water, and assured Mr. Salesman that I knew their product was good but we would be cooking our beans from scratch.  Mr. Salesman smoothed things over with an invite to a food show where we could sample a variety of foods that they offer ...we will bypass the red beans and rice!  I'm looking forward to the show.  In fact, having to sample food as part of the job might just be my favorite thing about this business so far!  I'll keep you posted and promise the final menu will be coming soon.

A Mantle

The Mayor is a regular customer in our store.  On one of his recent visits we solved a few world problems over a Mountain Dew and a muffin.  Then he dropped this bomb shell on us...he had not one but two old mantles that he was thinking about tossing on the burn pile.  Excuse me!  What did you say?  He proceeded to tell us that they came out of a house in Clayton, AL in the 1960's.  Well lock the door, shut of the gas pumps and start the truck!  Let's go get those babies.  Ken wanted to know what we needed two mantles for.  Hello, to display all the awesome stuff I've ordered for our "gift department."  He did not see my vision but agreed to pick up the mantles.  To clarify, gift department might be a bit of a stretch.  It's more like a gift area...more on that real soon.

The mantles are now in our garage.  They need a little TLC but ya'll they are wonderful.  A lot of chippy paint goodness that many a product has been made to mimic.  They are constructed with square nails.  Ken was really impressed with that.  I think it means they are really old. Stay tuned to see where these mantles end up.





It's a little dirty and needs some love but you need to have vision people.

Me Time

Time to my self is pretty rare these days.  A doctors appointment and a few hours away from the store is a real treat.  Checked the appointment off my list and had some time to spare so I finally made it to a boutique I've been following on Facebook.  Ya'll need to check out Blondellamy'Dean.  They have the cutest clothes and a great selection of game day apparel.  It was so nice to try on clothes other than t-shirts and capris.  Can't wait to sport my new stuff!  Thanks Jessica for being so sweet and helpful!  After the doctor and shopping I headed to the grocery store.  I had not shopped at a Winn Dixie in forever.  It was a pleasant experience for grocery shopping.  That about sums up my "me time."  Crazy life I know... don't be jealous!