10 Things I've Learned in the Last 7 Weeks

We are about 10 years into our new venture...I mean 7 weeks...just seems a lot longer!!  Here are a few things I've come to know:

1.  I will not take for granted washing my hands in the sink.  We are without water while the bathroom is being renovated.  Hand sanitizer is not the same as soap and water.

2.  Renovating a business and working in it at the same time is as relaxing and enjoyable as remodeling a house and living in it at the same time.

3.  Old dust is not as much fun as old stuff.  In other words, calling it vintage doesn't make it desirable.

4.  The previous tenants of this building must have collected bottles because we found a lot of them under the floor.  I wish those bottles could talk.  I feel like they would tell wonderful stories.

5.  Remodeling an old building in July and August is not as much fun as you might think.  We moved "up north" from South Louisiana expecting a little cooler summer....did not happen.

6.  This has nothing to do with the renovations but it is worth noting.  Nicholas has made an important life decision...Roll Tide Roll.  If you live in Alabama you will understand the significance of this decision.

7.  Having people who love this store and appreciate our vision is important.  Only those who love a small town store will walk in and say it looks good and ya'll are making progress instead of why are the Vienna sausages next to the pvc pipe?

8.  It is important to appreciate the little things that bring joy.  Having a friend that lives close to the store and lets you use their restroom and WASH your hands in the sink...a true blessing!

9.  Realizing that at some point I will get to the decorating and cooking gets me through the dust, dirt, and hot parts of this project.

10.  All joking aside, we are very excited to see the end results.  We are blessed to have carpenters that are great to work with, customers who appreciate our vision and family that is willing to drive hundreds of miles to help us make this dream a reality!