It's like Christmas for Nicholas and Ken

One of the things Ken and Nicholas are enjoying the most about the store is the hardware...especially ordering new merchandise.  Ya'll I was nervous when the hardware rep told us he would come by because I didn't think I would be at the store.  I just knew Ken and Nicholas would order enough stuff for fill a big box store!  Fortunately, I was there when the rep came and we will not have to add on to the building!

Earlier this week the order from Florida Hardware arrived.  You would have thought Santa had been here! Boxes and boxes of goodness.  Actually boxes and boxes of bolts, gas cans, funnels, bug spray, and so on.  Guy stuff!


Nicholas jumped in and helped to price everything.  I think he liked the pricing gun more than the actual work.  He's "working"  to earn a paycheck for his trip to Houma.  I think he plans to buy more legos.


For those of you in the area, Ken is doing his best to stock the things you need.  We realize most folks are coming in because something broke and they need to fix it pretty quick.  We are working hard to make sure we have what you are looking for.