Family, a Dumpster, and Progress

You know a little about how our new venture came to be so let me tell you a little bit about the place.  As best we can figure, the building is at least 60 years old. There are actually several buildings that have been used for many things over the years.  We've been told there was a feed store, a Western Auto, a beauty shop, a mechanic shop and a general merchandise store. 

Our plan is keep the vintage charm of the store.  We just want to spruce it up a bit and put our own touch on the place.  We are going to add a small food counter where we will serve breakfast and lunch.  We are working on the menu but be on the look out for fresh baked goods and some good Cajun food.

In the two weeks that we have been "proprietors" Ken has made great progress.  We are so fortunate to have great friends and family that have offered to help us.  Our cousin from Tennessee spent almost a week here.  He and Ken filled a huge dumpster just cleaning out one of the buildings!  They found some neat treasures in old sewing machine, a radiator display rack and an old wheelbarrow.  Of course you have to be a junk lover to appreciate these "treasures."  

 Doesn't this look like good stuff?  Can you imagine what we threw away???

Doesn't this look like good stuff?  Can you imagine what we threw away???

We are gearing up for our next round of help.  More cousins coming from Louisiana this time.  The goal is to move some hardware around so we can start working on my kitchen.  We can see progress being made but we still have alot to do.