The dream is about to become a reality

Here we are two days before we dot our I's and cross our T's on this dream of ours.  We have spent months planning and worrying about this.  Trying something new is always a little scary...right?? 

I decided to blog about our adventure for a couple of reasons.  A lot of our family and friends are not lucky enough to call South Alabama home and we want them to take this journey with us.  We have been so preoccupied with the details that we haven't even had the opportunity to share this venture with a lot of folks.  I know it might come as shock at first but when you really get to thinking about it you will know this suits our family well.

The other reason I want to blog about this adventure is to encourage you to follow your dreams.  I've had experiences in my life recently that have reminded me that life is short and we better enjoy every moment.  Sure the fear of the unknown is there but sometimes you just have to take that leap and see where you land.  So here we go!!

I hope you will follow along.  I promise it will be an interesting ride!